Propel Accelerated Orthodontics in Oakville

Delivering Results Faster

Propel is a clinically proven, safe procedure. Teeth move in response to light, continuous forces. Higher forces do not work to speed up tooth movement and can and will have negative consequences. Teeth can only move faster if the biological processes can be activated. Using Propels proprietary technique, we place dimples in the bone to activate the cells. This allows us to take our already predictable 10-12 month treatments and complete them in 5-6 months or less! The procedure doesn’t require any additional appointments and takes just minutes at your regular visits.

In our practice we prefer clear aligner therapy using Invisalign but Propel works with any tooth moving appliances…conventional braces, removable wire appliances. We can accelerate and shorten treatment times on a referral ( or self referral) basis for any patient.

Align technologies has suggested weekly Aligner changes are possible but do not have adequate information to support dentists who choose to do so which means dentists and their patients are taking on risk. Simple tooth movements can tolerate Aligners being changed weekly. Treatment will be constrained by the most difficult tooth/teeth movement so if one or several teeth require complex movements, one week Aligner wear will not work and the case ultimately will require correction. We systematically categorize movement types into tiers and use Propel to target the potential problem teeth proactively. Combined with vibratory orthodontic devices , this allows for less than 7 day Aligner changes.