Mature Adult Care in Oakville

Your teeth for a lifetime

Advances in dental care, community water fluoridation and improved home care have contributed to a generation of mature adults who have all or most of their own teeth. There are subtle and not so subtle differences between their care and the care of younger adults. 

Changes in overall health, side effects of multiple medications, changes in soft tissues, difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene, ability to tolerate procedures and simply mechanical failure of teeth and restorations are just some of the factors to be considered.

At Olde Oakville Dental, we take all of this into consideration when developing your personalized treatment plan. We try to anticipate possible changes and build flexibility to affordably handle future changes. We can accommodate with partial dentures, precision partial dentures, implant connected removable dentures or full dentures as needed. As always, prevention and maintainability are one of the keys. 

Of particular importance is decay prevention on exposed root surfaces especially in environments where the salivary flow is reduced. 

We offer a revolutionary anti-cavity varnish which can markedly reduce the risk of root decay. Olde Oakville Dental is proud to be a founding partner in Partners in Prevention.