Dentistry Asleep in Oakville

What Is included in Dentistry Asleep?

Dentistry Asleep

You know you need to see the dentist but for one reason or another you can’t bring yourself to make an appointment. It’s been too long and now your health is at risk.

Dr. De Souza is certified to offer monitored moderate oral sedation. Oral medications are delivered in the office about an hour before your procedure to relax you nearly to the point of being asleep making your treatment comfortable while seeming to fly by. You will have little memory of your procedure. As no independent Anesthesiologist is required, this makes for a very affordable procedure.

Olde Oakville Dental has been accredited by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to be able to offer Dentistry Asleep. The service is provided in this office by a qualified independent Dental Anesthesiologist who constantly monitors and adjusts the level of sedation from deeper to lighter as required for your comfort and protective reflexes. This allows you to be relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole procedure with Dr. De Souza.

If you experience dental anxiety, fear of needles, and dental sounds and wish to have no memory of your dental procedure, waking up to a brand new smile has never been easier and comfortable. Book your consultation today!